Digital Planning for Immediate Implants in Anterior Esthetic Area to Dentistry Journal



In this case report, we demonstrate how the correct positioning of implants, associated with optimal gingival conditioning, and the correct choice of biomaterial can yield very predictable
and fantastic aesthetic results. Objective: We aimed to use dental implants to rehabilitate the area of elements #11 and #21 in a satisfactory surgical and prosthetic manner, using guided surgery,
connective tissue, nano-biomaterials, and a porcelain prosthesis.

Case Report: A 32-year-old male patient presented with bone loss of elements #11 and #21, which was proven radiographically and clinically. Thus, oral rehabilitation with the use of dental implants was required. It was decided to proceed via digital planning with the DSD program (Digital smile design) and with the software Exoplan, (Smart Dent-Germany) whenever it was possible to plan immediate provisional and accurate dental implant positioning through reverse diagnostics (Software Exoplan, Smart Dent-German).
The dental elements were extracted atraumatically; then, a guide was established, the implants were positioned, the prosthetic components were placed, the conjunctive tissue was removed from
the palate and redirected to the vestibular wall of the implants, the nano-graft (Blue Bone®) was conditioned in the gaps between the vestibular wall and the implants, and, finally, the cemented
provision was installed. Results: After a 5-month accompaniment, an excellent remodeling of the tissues had been achieved by the implants; consequently, the final prosthetic stage could begin, which also achieved a remarkable aesthetic result.

Conclusions: This report demonstrates that the correct planning of dental implants, which is associated with appropriate soft tissue and bone manipulation, allows for the achievement of admirable clinical results.

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Keywords: guided surgery; implants; connective tissue; biomaterial; bone; esth

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