Histomorphometric Evaluation of Bone-Guided Regeneration in Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation Using Nano-Hydroxyapatite



The necessity for executing the sinus lift maxilla surgery is still very significant, mainly since many patients extract the teeth from the posterior maxilla region. The responsible technician for the surgery doesn’t use any technique of bone guided regeneration, therefore the severe pneumatization maxillary sinus occurs.1 Currently, countless techniques may be used for returning masticatory function, eg, zygomatic, osteoconduction inter alia, although the most used and documented technique is the lateral window technique because it presents a surgical technique less elaborated and largely known. However, the rupture of the Schneider membrane is a common fact that usually harms the procedure running.2


Among the materials available on the market for performing the sinus lift maxilla surgery, we can cite the autogenous, xenogenic, autologous, and alloplastic grafts. In this clinic case presented, it was selected a nano biomaterial with synthetic origin (alloplastic) since this biomaterial class has been presenting countless scientific evidence that it’s possible to have greater bone and vascular formation in comparison to the other classes.3,4


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Keywords: implants, sinus lift, alloplastic, graft, nanohydroxyapatite, sirius red

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